The Let's Make the Industry 50/50 Initiative was founded by ADC with a mission to effect drastic and measurable change as it pertains to the roles and participation of women within the creative industries. ADC believes it is time for all industry organizations and associations to take action, setting a goal of equal participation for women and men on award show juries, boards of directors, and event panels and speaker lineups.

The Let’s Make the Industry 50/50 Initiative and its directory highlight the wealth of qualified women in senior positions throughout all facets of the creative communications industries, bringing important balance to the conversation and laying a foundation for future generations of female talent.

By including inspired, talented women in the conversation, we improve the value of the dialogue and change the ratio, our industries and the future.

Participating Organizations

ADC is calling upon all industry organizations to take action and join the Let's Make the Industry 50/50 Initiative.

Those who achieve the goal of a 50/50 ratio of women to men on an awards show jury, board of directors, event panel or speaker lineup are eligible to use the International Badge of Recognition.

Why 50/50?

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By including inspired, talented women in the conversation, we change the conversation and therefore the industry and our future. Join us: